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  1. Managed & Managing #SocialMedia activities e.g. Lead Generation, Content Management etc. for 562 customers across Industry verticals.
  2. Facebook, Twitter & IG Engagement Ratio 0.09, 0.8 & 5.09 respectively as on 09/01/2019
  3. Believer in #Giveaway offer with every Deal
  4. Extensive Expertise on AdWords
  5. Facebook Blueprint Certified
  6. Amazon Ninja sponsored campaign certified
  7. Trust in Social Connect concept but not  Selling

Nearly 70% of shopping carts are abandoned!

57% of Buyer journey has completed with a product before a Sales Rep is in picture – Forrester

Deloitte-“Sales figure would increase 5.6% this year, till New Year’s Eve.”

Nation Retain federation – “The total value of sales would become more than USD 1.10 trillion.”

Statistica –“This year Festive season should able to generate 30% of annual revenue”

Social selling is not connecting people to the product; it is all about connecting people to people.

Sherpa Marketing found that more people follow brands on Social Media than follow celebrities. On Instagram alone, 80% of viewers follow at least one Business.

As per wearsocial.com data, 3.196 billion users use Social Media platform of 4.021 billion Internet users.


To deliver the best solutions to your customers, Engagement is the best practice. With proper Engagement before providing the solution always deliver the best. And to start the Engagement, the integration with the client requires an amazing Storytelling Business Page. A Business Page should always help the business with the Brand building, increase traffic to your Business, Generate Leads and Boost Sales and many more…


A post with great, attractive content should boost your website, social media account’s traffic. And creating amazing posts are the most challenging part because there should be a continuous quest to produce new and fresh relevant contents. Ask your followers what they want and get their ideas. You can come up with a new content. With your content only, you can engage with your followers, your customers.

Check out the #wanderlustcontest a hashtag from National Geographic and it has generated more than 60,000 posts. So creating contest or hashtag could bring you number new ideas on content about your new posts. The key lessons of that contest are as follows:

  1. Recognize why your audience follows you.
  2. Choose a prize that relevant to your audience’s interest.

As people start liking, commenting, sharing your posts, a new audience started to involve. And your posts should become viral.

And you should found the most happening post, so you can new start paid advertisement.

According to your objective,  decide on audiences to target with, how to engage with them so that they read and share your content, clearly mention about your brand voice, and understanding the differences between each social media platform. Research shows Facebook requires at 10 to 15 posting per week, whereas Twitter required 7 to 8 posts per day. Instagram requires 1 to 2 times of posting per day, whereas Pinterest requires 3 to 4 times per day and Repin.


Social Media uses by Business organizations be that small, medium or large for the following purposes:

Online purchase, Client feedback, Brand recognition, Contact form filling out, Sign up for your contents or newsletters, Download of a piece of content


More importantly, HOW are you going to monitor the performance, i.e. how to achieve your desired ROI! What is the CPM? What is a CPA? What is PPC? How to improve the audience engagement? Etc.



We always need to check before strategies and implement the Social Media activity on our Business with the following points:

What would social media platform do best for us?

Is there a social media platform, we should test and see how it works for us?

How can I best use my time and money in order to reach more people?

Only organic way to reach more people always takes time, so it is always better spends your effort partially on Organic approach and partially on paid advertisement – CHOOSE WISELY.


How do you create positive interactions on Social Media? If you create custom engagement through image, written content & links then the following statistics could be useful – Video –  attracts 85%  audience, Images – attracts 68% audience, Written – attracts 57% audience, And then GIF, Audio etc.

Here are the Strategies in brief of implementing Social Media Marketing from your Business:

  1. Store / Website Audit
  2. Relevant Cover photo with change mechanism.
  3. With AdWords, PPC.
  4. Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook with SEO compliant Organic Visual posts.
  5. Paid campaign for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  6. Usage of relevant Hashtag (#) with an optimum number. Every Social Media platform’s algorithm support number of Hashtags. Beyond that number, you are spamming! YES.
  7. Showing off your products with the number of Posts regularly.

We have explored and implemented several e-commerce strategies to make the online and offline ventures a success saga. However, the selection of appropriate strategies and implementations depend on the nature and the target audience of an e-commerce business.


AND many more…Explore with us to reach the BOOMING Sales figure!


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