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Astringent Technology Services (ATS) has over 10 years experience on implementation and post implementation support on Level 1 and Level 2 to help organisations achieve their objective while implementing various IT projects.

We have expertise on

  • IT Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • CMO Service

and provide best solution to our associate clients.

A brief details about our activities mentioned below

IT Support

Strong domain expertise team of consultants help you complete life-cycle implementation and multi-state, multi-language rollouts. Effective change management ensure holistic implementation strategies across your organization along with wide experience in roll-outs across geographies. We manage the roll-out program with structured and thorough planning and road maps. This includes managing dependencies, risk assessment along with handling technology stacks, databases and infrastructure to match the roll-out needs.


Social Media Marketing

“A Social Media Strategy Is About More Than Just Posting”. Business strategy and steps needed to launch a successful marketing campaign for an existing or a new business. Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin etc. Advertisement etc. will setup all kind of campaigns and conversions also along with Quality Score, Search Intent & Search Context.


CMO Office

Increasingly, firms are farming out marketing operations and analytics as well. A Forrester Research survey of 650 B2B marketing executives found that 53% aimed to outsource more than half their marketing activities in 2004. Forrester projects that CRM outsourcing in the United States will quadruple to $4.6 billion by 2008. And the British firm Astron Group forecasts that customer database and lead management outsourcing is growing 10% annually.